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4849 Pilaten Collagen Black Mud Mask Deep Cleansing Tearing Nose Acne Remover



  • Brand Name:PILATEN
  • Type:Treatment & Mask
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Mask Type:Peel Mask
  • Feature:Acne Treatment
  • Use:Whole Face
  • Ingredient:activated carbon
  • Pilaten.jpg
  • Net Wt: 60 ml
  • Product Details:
  • Brand name: Deep Cleansing Black MASK / purifying peel-off mask
  • Ingredients: activated carbon (bamboo charcoal), oat extract, grapefruit, vitamin B5,rosemary extract, calendula extract, vitamin A, vitamin E, citrus peel extract
  • Capacity:60ML
  • 100% Brand new, high quality
  • Facial Cleansing mask is a beauty mask for facial care.
  • Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face.
  • This great blackhead remover help to remove stain or oil spots on your face with daily use.
  • Improving the blood circulation of your face by this mask.
  • Help to keep your face smoother and tender.
  • Note:cream mask, Skin redness, eczema, acne inflammation, sores and skin allergies who prohibited.
  • Usage:
  • After cleaning, take appropriate this product evenly around the nose, wait 15-20 minutes to dry.
  • Gently peeled off from the bottom up, you can see the black, wine meters, sewage grease, dead skin being sucked out of the nose.
  • The nose, greasy, dirty things, were all clear! (Recommended 1-2 times per week).




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